Panasonic Commercial Combination Microwave NEC1275 29.6 Litres Stainless Steel

Panasonic Commercial Microwaves are designed for the rigours of daily commercial use. They have exceptional build quality with a range of useful features. Panasonic have been manufacturing microwave ovens since 1966 and they quickly became the world leader in the supply to the catering industry. The Heavy Duty NE-C1275 Combination Microwave Oven is rated as a 1100 Watts Microwave and 1800 Watt Grill/Convection Oven. These ovens are ideal for any commercial kitchen where delivery of traditionally browned results in a shorter time with no loss of quality is needed. The high speed performance can be achieved with ease as you download cooking programmes from your PC. The SD card function makes it ideal for use in public houses, restaurants or staff catering establishments with set menus where consistent results and ease of operation are essential. or for garage forecourt, office or canteen vending. Simple to use, with their touch controls, designed to withstand the rigours of commercial use. Whether reheating composite dishes from chilled or snacks from frozen, these models meet the demands of busy caterers who have medium throughput requirements.
£1,384.34 Each
Inc. VAT: £1,661.21
£1,661.21 Each
Ex. VAT: £1,384.34
  • Stock code: HDPM1275
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 29.6 Litres (600mm (W) x 484mm (D) x 383mm (H))
  • Stock: Please Call for Stock Availability
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
- 1800Watt Convection Oven
- 1800Watt Grill
- 1150Watt Microwave
- High Speed fan grill and grill convection functions for fast browning results
- Will Roast a Joint for a carvery
- Three fast 'Preheat' settings - upto 240C on continuous standby - will maintain temperature for upto 4 hours
- 2 shelf positions
- 6 Power Levels - High, Medium, Low, Simmer, Defrost, Stand
- Dual Emission bottom energy feed for even heating
- One-Touch Preset Combi keys offer 5 popular cooking options
- Combi Options: Microwave and Grill, Microwave and Convection, Microwave and Fan Grill, Microwave and Grill Convection
- Convection Oven Range 100C to 250C
- 4 Element Quartz Grill with 2 power levels
- 99 programmable memory - each program can have 3 stages of combination or single cook cycles
- Programmable manually or via SD card or PC
- Various Timer options based on cooking method
- Self Diagnostic system to alert operators of any errors
- Fast cool feature to reduce oven temperature
- Cycle Counter
- Removable Air Filter
- Program Lock
- Interior dimensions 406mm x 336mm x 217mm
- Comes with Wire Rack Shelf and Ceramic Insulating Tray
- ** NOT Stackable**
- Needs 5cm air gap to the Left and Right sides of unit
- Needs 20cm air gap Above and Rear of the unit
- On-Site Training is also available to help get the most out of this excellent machine.
Model NumberNEC1275
Power230-240V, 50Hz, Single Phase, 2.9kW 13amp UK Plug
Power (watts)2900 Watts
Volume29600 ml (29.6 litres)
Weight4100 g (4.1 kg)
Power SourceElectric - 13 Amp Plug-In
Width600 mm (60 cm)
Depth484 mm (48.4 cm)
Height383 mm (38.3 cm)