Catering Trays and Stands


Browse wholesale catering trays and stands at Alliance Online. We stock a huge range of professional trays and stands that are suitable for all types of food businesses, from restaurants and bars to hotels and B&Bs.

You'll find non-slip bar tread trays that will allow your staff to carry large drink and food orders with ease, as well as stands that can be used to save space on your dining tables. We also have handled trays that are ideal for delivering room service, as well as rectangular trays that are suitable for self-service canteens. So, whatever type of catering business you run, you're sure to have no difficulty finding the right sort of tray to suit your needs.

The large selection of designs on our site enables you to pick trays and stands perfectly suited to the aesthetic of your catering business. Furthermore, these catering trays are practical and durable, and we only stock trusted brands like FEM, Beaumount, and Cambro to ensure you only get the best quality equipment.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our range of wholesale bar trays. Place your order today, and you'll qualify for free UK delivery over £30 (price excludes VAT).