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How to design a menu that does your dishes justice

Your menu is a key ingredient in the success of your restaurant. It is vital that it tempts passers-by through your doors, and encourages diners to spend, spend, spend. When you’ve planned out all of your delicious dishes, you need to design a menu that really sells your food to your customers and increases anticipation… Read more »

Why You Should Colour Code In Your Commercial Kitchen

Every commercial kitchen serves different food types and handles raw and cooked food throughout each shift. One of the first topics catering students are taught is food safety and colour coding is a way of ensuring food hygiene and safety in an industrial kitchen. It’s common knowledge that bacteria, contaminants and pathogens are dangerous in… Read more »

Food safety and storage advice for commercial kitchens

Caterers and cooks have a legal responsibility when it comes to food hygiene, but preparing and storing food properly isn’t just about preventing upset stomachs: it can help you reduce costs, save time, and serve the tastiest possible food to your clients. If you work in the catering or hospitality industry, read on for food… Read more »

Choosing The Right Coffee Beans

A busy coffee shop will need something which can cope with plenty of use and produce more than one cup of coffee at once, it needs to produce multiple cups in moments. You will more than likely want to invest in something which is able to produce different types of coffee and hot drinks, such… Read more »