With the world becoming less reliant on harmful plastics, here at Alliance Online we have put together an eco brochure that will highlight the finest disposables and eco-alternatives currently on the market. Throughout our time operating in the commercial catering sector we have seen many new innovations regarding eco-friendly products which stands us in good stead to make recommendations based off our expert knowledge. In this article we will be discussing the latest eco-friendly ranges and products we have to offer, the importance of providing eco-alternatives to the consumer and why we at Alliance Online feel strongly about the wider environment.

What is in our 2024 Eco brochure?

The beauty of our 2024 eco brochure lies in the versatility of our offerings. We have eco-alternatives for a plethora of ranges. Here at Alliance Online we have all of the environmental products your establishment would need from bar supplies to cleaning chemicals and more. Over the last 25 years we have cohesively worked with industry-renowned brands to provide peerless and unmatched product ranges. Our sustainable ranges signify this intent considerably as we identify the need and demand customers have for environmentally conscious products.

Our range of bar supplies include straws, stirrers and napkins. We also provide an extensive range of disposables such as cold cups, hot cups, bags, cutlery and food containers and many more. We also offer janitorial and cleaning essentials that are ideal for the modern commercial establishment. Please take a look at our 2024 Alliance Eco Guide here for our full brochure.

The importance of reusability and sustainability

Step into the realm of eco-consciousness and make a difference in preserving our planet for the future. Eco-friendly products are the epitome of sustainability, as they are crafted using materials and production techniques that minimise harm to the environment. Their biodegradable or recyclable nature plays a vital role in reducing the waste that burdens our landfills. By embracing these products, you become an eco-warrior, actively contributing to the well-being of our planet and securing a greener tomorrow.

By opting for eco-friendly products, you are actively backing companies that place sustainability at the forefront of their operations. These businesses are committed to conducting ethical practices, promoting fair trade, and minimising their carbon footprint. As a commercial establishment, your choices hold immense power in inspiring other enterprises to embrace sustainable approaches and contribute to a brighter future for our planet.

The beauty of eco-friendly products lies in their ability to significantly reduce energy consumption. These products, such as energy-efficient appliances, consume less electricity, resulting in substantial savings on your utility bills. Moreover, by opting for energy-efficient options, you actively contribute to a more sustainable environment, making a positive impact on our planet while enjoying the long-term financial advantages.

How Alliance Online are helping with this cause

As a company which has been operating since 1999, we have tried to build sustainable strategies into our operations as we have grown and developed. As of August 2023, we have the following initiatives which are currently being used to help reduce our impact on the environment whilst also ensuring our businesses long-term operation is sustainable:

  1. Solar Panels
    We have installed solar panel energy systems on several buildings across the Alliance business framework. The various systems are:

    Crewe (National Distribution Centre):           108Kw system
    Crewe (Overflow Warehouse):                           14Kw system
    Marlow (London Depot):                                      102Kw system
    Glasgow (Scotland Depot):                                   50Kw system
    Plymouth (South West Depot):                          42Kw system
    Donnington (East Midlands Depot):                14Kw system
    In the summer months the Crewe system generates more than 12,000kWh of energy, which covers most of the average consumption of 14,500 kWh per month at the same site. This solar resource provides us with a valuable amount of energy meaning the sites which benefit from solar panels require less energy from the national grid reducing our impact and total energy consumption.
  2. Electric Vehicles
    Alliance’s London depot makes use of three fully electrical delivery vehicles with more to be added to our fleet across the network. Additionally, we also have introduced the option of electric vehicles into our wider car fleet and currently we have thirteen electric vehicles and five hybrid cars used across the management and sales teams.All our warehouse vehicles (pallet and forklift trucks) across the business are electric to reduce fuel-based carbon emissions.
  3. Fleet Management
    Our fleet of delivery vehicles benefit from a variety of procedures designed to minimise energy usage. The entire fleet is equipped with a computerised routing system which formulates and optimises the most efficient delivery routes to reduce both the time our vehicles are on the road and their total fuel consumption. In addition to this, our vehicles are also fitted with an up-to-date engine management system which both regulates and records fuel consumption, engine operation and emissions.All of our vans and company-owned vehicles are serviced regularly and are depreciated in line with their environmental lifespan.

    Deliveries are consolidated to our branches and customers in order to optimise our fuel consumption and avoid unnecessary emissions. Our delivery schedule is planned in order to utilise the most efficient routes and operate to maximum capacity.

  4. Building Energy Efficiency
    We use a variety of methods and initiatives to reduce energy consumption in all Alliance owned buildings within the depot structure. We have installed energy efficient lighting which are also movement sensitive meaning if a work area has no one in after 20 minutes the lights will automatically switch off to save electricity.Additionally, our office facilities are fully insulated allowing for greater heat retention and we also do not use air conditioning systems in any of our buildings.
  5. Waste Disposal & Reduction
    Office and warehouse waste including packaging, paper and printer consumables are collected from each of our sites in order to be channelled to specialist recycling companies through our central warehouse at Crewe. We are proactive in our waste management as part of warehouse delivery practices. At Crewe, we have a cardboard compacter onsite which is used to crush cardboard waste which is then disposed of via the correct recycling channel.
  6. Paperless Invoicing & Marketing
    Throughout our business we use electronic methods of communication and invoicing where possible to reduce paper consumption. Furthermore, we also employ a paperless delivery system to remove the need for excess paper usage during the delivery process with smart phones, and online and email tracking now being used instead.Alliance has also made a concerted change where marketing literature is concerned with it heavily reducing printed media and opting to predominantly produce digital forms of catalogues.


  7. UK Sourced Products
    Wherever possible we try to ensure our supply chain is UK based, we do this by sourcing UK manufactured products where possible. Having a product range which represents a smaller carbon impact during its manufacturing process is an important part of our supplier selection strategy. We have also rationalised our supply chain to reduce the number of inbound vehicle movements to our various sites and improve our warehouse loading efficiency.

We actively work with our supplier partners to identity ways to minimise packaging, consolidate collection and delivery of stock orders and to promote sustainable products.

Here at Alliance Online we pride ourselves on our partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers as we take our commitment to the environment seriously. We only work with trusted partners that we know share our values. For more information regarding our 2024 eco brochure please feel free to call us on 01270 252333 or you can email us at hello@allianceonline.co.uk.

Alliance Online 2024 Eco Brochure
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Alliance Online 2024 Eco Brochure
In this article we will be discussing the latest eco-friendly ranges and products we have to offer, the importance of providing eco-alternatives to the consumer and why we at Alliance Online feel strongly about the wider environment.
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