The Importance of Food Labelling and Storage

It cannot be stressed enough how important proper food labelling and storage is in a commercial kitchen. Chefs need to be confident that their food is properly stored and labelled in order to ensure that the likelihood of cross contamination is reduced as much as possible. In this article we’ll review a number of products available to help improve effective communication regarding prepared food whilst also storing them in a safe capacity.

Flexsil-Lid by Wrapmaster

Named the winner of the Light Equipment Product of 2022 by The Caterer’s Supplier Awards, Flexsil-Lid™ by Wrapmaster® is the innovative product that tackles food waste.

Meeting the need for sustainable storage that helps reduce food waste, the gastronorm friendly, reusable lids guarantee that chefs can seal and serve fresh! It also benefits from the seal of approval from The Caterer’s prestigious Supplier Awards, Flexsil-Lid™ by Wrapmaster® is the must-have innovation for sustainable kitchens.

Not only does Flexsil-Lid™ guarantee longer lasting freshness for ingredients, but these durable silicone lids are also microwave and oven safe for cooking (220ºc/428ºF), as well as freezer safe (-40ºc/ 40ºF). Thanks to the patented lip-lock design, they’re also easily portable and stackable.

Speaking of Flexsil-Lid™, Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“Flexsil-lid™ by Wrapmaster® is an exciting move for chefs looking for green alternatives to single use items. As part of our ongoing sustainability mission, Wrapmaster® is fully committed to helping operators reduce their food waste and Flexsil-lid™ is the chef-friendly solution that’s not only better for the planet, but your kitchen too.”

Flexsil-Lid™ by Wrapmaster® is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, (NSF). The food-grade, smooth silicone lids are 100% safe and hygienic when it comes to storing food and can be disinfected and cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Available now, the reusable Flexsil-lid™ by Wrapmaster® silicone lids come in a wide range of sizes to fit most international gastronorm trays and steam pans.

Wrapmaster Ultimate Chef System

Food preparation prior to a service period occurs in almost all commercial kitchens, meaning most chefs employ the use of either aluminium foil, cling film and baking parchment during this process. Forming an airtight barrier for food in a commercial kitchen dramatically reduces the risk of cross contamination between food sources such as raw and cooked food.

Wrapmaster have been providing kitchens with foil, film and parchment for over 25 years which means they have essentially perfected the products where chefs are concerned. But in 2023 Wrapmaster introduced their new Ultimate Chef Dispenser range which makes cutting film, foil or parchment much more efficient.

The dispenser is designed to help chefs cut precise amounts of their selected wrap quickly without any wastage. It is ergonomically designed for ease meaning your chefs require minimal effort when using it.

Food Labelling

Where food labelling is concerned there is typically two types of labels:

Time information labels typically communicate a key date which is important to the food labelled. These can include labels such as days of the week the food was prepared, shelf-life information and tamper evidence labels. Whilst allergen labels give chefs a clear visual indication as to what ingredients have been used in a food prep process. For kitchens which prepare and sell ready-boxed meals these can be used to communicate allergen information with customers too.

Food preparation is a key facet of kitchen life for all chefs so easy storage and intuitive labelling is vital for kitchen efficiency. At Alliance Online we use our vast knowledge and experience servicing the catering and hospitality industries. Our range of chef prep products, chef utensils and other cookware is all available for purchase at industry competitive prices.

The Importance of Food Labelling and Storage
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The Importance of Food Labelling and Storage
Food preparation is a key facet of kitchen life for all chefs so easy storage and intuitive labelling is vital for kitchen efficiency and at Alliance Online we use our experience to suggest the best products to our customers.
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