We are proud to work with companies such as GFL due to their sustainability commitments and assurances which resonate deeply with our own values and core beliefs. As spring is the season of change and rebirth it seems poignant to take this opportunity to consider your current guest supplies offering. During our 24 years supplying the hospitality industry we can safely say that GFL is one of our most trusted leisure and guest supplies partner. In this article we will be discussing what makes GFL a great company to incorporate into your hotel, which ranges we at Alliance Online would recommend in our experience and why this is a great time for restocking on guest supplies.

What makes GFL a great company?

For almost 30 years now GFL have been providing exceptional organic and eco-friendly guest supplies solutions. Their rich history of operations in this sector has led to them becoming a cutting-edge supplier and developer of perfumes, sanitisers, cleaning products and many other collections ideal for any modern hotel. GFL is fully dedicated to developing personal care goods through innovation and advanced technology, utilising premium natural and organic ingredients to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Their unique strength and creative strategies drive innovative and sustainable solutions, which have a positive impact on the environment and individuals. GFL symbolises the contemporary shift towards a circular economy and sustainable development, focusing on people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships. The beauty of GFL is quite simple really, they are a company that prioritises the future of the eco-friendly green sector. Many companies can make this claim however rest assured GFL have been very clear on their manufacturing process their mission statement and their green commitment.

One of the leading thoughts sceptics have is that the quality of organic and eco-friendly cosmetic products is worse than regular cleaning products. This is a false equivalence and has been for some time now. Especially when it comes to the tremendous work of GFL who have been creating prodigious cosmetics since 1995. Here at Alliance Online we have accrued indispensable knowledge of what our customers want throughout the industries we operate in and this is no different with hotel guest supplies, we can ensure your hotel that GFL products will leave guests feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Anyah Range

With GFL any collection would be an excellent addition to the guest supplies rotation however the Anyah range is a personal favourite here at Alliance Online. Anyah prioritises environmental sustainability by actively reducing its ecological footprint across its entire life cycle, encompassing the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and product use and disposal. The LCA results are clearly presented on each item, highlighting the percentage of CO2 emissions saved. Don’t miss out on the excellent Anyah guest toiletries range we have here at Alliance Online, our range consists of a wide collection of guest essentials ideal for any hotel. All ingredients are natural allowing you to help conserve marine life and the ecological equilibrium of our planet.

Why You Should Restock Now

As we gear up for the summer months ahead, It is clear that restocking is an essential part of running a hotel as guests will always need toiletries in their rooms. The modern hotel demands modernity in all forms, GFL is an excellent supplier that can ensure a high-quality performance through their use of natural and organic ingredients. Let this be a reminder for all those busy hoteliers who might have overlooked the necessity for restocking guest toiletries and find what you need here at Alliance Online.

Don’t just restock on the same old solutions guests have become bored of and rejuvenate the hotel room with one of the GFL ranges that will guarantee your guests will be left with a refreshing and invigorating scent. For more information regarding our GFL collection please take a look at our website where you can find our various ranges.

Here at Alliance Online we understand and appreciate that changing the guest toiletries offerings can be a daunting task however we would highly recommend taking our advice and making the switch to any GFL range we have to offer. For more information regarding the guest toiletries ranges we offer please feel free to call us on 01270 252333 or you can email us at hello@allianceonline.co.uk.

Supplier Spotlight: GFL Guest Supplies
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Supplier Spotlight: GFL Guest Supplies
In this article we will be discussing what makes GFL a great company to incorporate into your hotel, which ranges we at Alliance Online would recommend in our experience and why this is a great time for restocking on guest supplies.
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