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The Super Bowl: Reasons To Experience

February 5th sees the return of Super Bowl Sunday to International screens. The New England Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons in the final match of the US National Football League season. With the tradition for tailgating barbeques in the parking lot, seat-service stadium snacks and appetizer filled parties, the Super Bowl and casual dining… Read more »

A Taste of British: National Yorkshire Pudding Day

British Yorkshire Pudding day-the first Sunday of February where proud Britons nationwide rejoice in the existence and consumption of the savoury English pudding.  Since its righteous entrance into English kitchens in 1737, the Yorkshire pudding has become a staple of any Sunday dinner and the majority of meals served with roast beef. Starting its life… Read more »

The Best Whiskeys for Burns Night

Burns Night: the annual celebration of Scotland’s late & great national poet, Robert Burns. In order to celebrate the man himself & all of his work, lovers of Burns take it as an yearly opportunity to celebrate: feasting, dancing, poetry reciting and last but not least, drinking whiskey. Due to such large selections out there, those… Read more »

Packaging, Recycling & Waste: Changes in Catering

When the rise of environmental concerns occur the demand for a response from players in the food & drink industries increases. As trends change & businesses in the industry expand operations, all manner of restaurants & caterers are increasingly put under pressure to enhance corporate social responsibility.  This is as a result of the environmental concern that higher… Read more »