The old adage of new year new me may sound cliché however it has never been truer. Thoroughly cleaning your commercial establishment should be a standard procedure with regular cleaning checks being undertaken roughly twice a month with basic cleaning occurring after service. In 2024 we would recommend the Ecolab TopClin range for simple and efficient cleaning. In this article we will be discussing why the Ecolab TopClin cleaning range is an exceptional collection, why regular cleaning checks should be commenced and the range of TopClin products we carry here at Alliance Online.

Ecolab TopClin Collection

TopClin brings you the cleaning and disinfection expertise of Ecolab, delivering on performance and in-use costs. This easy-to-use range covers daily cleaning tasks whilst giving you and your customers peace of mind with certified disinfectants and sustainable accreditations from a trusted hygiene partner. With sustainability at the forefront of many consumers’ minds it is important to use products from suppliers that can ensure a positive environmental impact which is certainly the case for Ecolab. They have made this clear through the following assurance:

“At Ecolab, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. Through technology, information, on-site service and training, we help companies around the world achieve exceptional business results, while advancing a positive environmental and social impact. The work we do matters, and the way we do it matters to our employees, customers and our communities.”

Not only do they offer a positive sustainability message, but they also carry important accreditations such as the EU Ecolabel and The Nordic Swan which is a label of excellence awarded to products and services that meet a high environmental standard throughout their life cycle. The goal of The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to provide information to consumers to enable them to make the best environmental product choice.

Why Cleaning Is Important

Different cleaning procedures are required for different parts of your kitchen. As a general rule, areas and appliances that are used most frequently during everyday cooking and food prep should also be cleaned the most often, and those that come into direct contact with food will need extra attention. In this section, we’ll give you a rough idea of how often each area and appliance should be cleaned, so you know what you should be doing and when.

The obvious threats of not properly cleaning can lead to bad air quality, unwanted grease begins to drip onto prepared food and even the dishes on which you wish to serve them. The kitchen may even find itself filled with potentially toxic aromas. The dangers of using an unclean commercial kitchen can lead to potential health and safety violations in turn leading to fewer customers willing to come to your establishment. There is also a belief that the employees of an establishment that operates with a clean kitchen will take more pride in their work as the cleanliness will have a positive effect on work ethic.

When we talk about cleaning it is the general misconception that a full and thorough deep clean of all floors, surfaces and equipment needs to be undertaken frequently, however this isn’t the case in fact we would recommend this taking place every 3 months to ensure efficiency and cleanliness is maintained. Nevertheless we would recommend using the Ecolab TopClin cleaning range every 2 weeks or so to clean away any potential grime or dirt that can build up through regular and arduous service.

Hands in yellow gloves washing gas stove. Cleaning a gas stove with kitchen utensils, household concepts, or hygiene and cleaning.

Our Range of TopClin Products

Here at Alliance Online we pride ourselves on our ability to recognise the needs of the commercial establishment, as time passes we see new and fresh demands that need to be met. This is why we carry the Ecolab TopClin cleaning range as it is one of the finest currently on the market due to the side array of capabilities and the plethora of products it encompasses. The ideal range for any commercial establishment looking to improve their cleanliness and hygiene in 2024.

To provide a simple, clean and efficient standard of kitchen operations we would urge a bar or restaurant to utilise the TopClin range of cleaning products. The following are just some of the uses the Ecolab TopClin collection covers with ease:

  • Dishwashing
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Surface Disinfection
  • Sanitary

Here at Alliance Online we understand and appreciate the daunting nature of thorough cleaning procedures. Although we would urge an establishment to clean carefully and regularly as it can lead to a comfortable cleaning environment which then in turn can produce improved results not only in hygiene but also in efficiency in the commercial kitchen. We truly believe that the Ecolab TopClin range is ideal for any modern commercial kitchen due to the variety of uses the collection offers from dishwashing to surface disinfectants. For more information regarding the Ecolab TopClin range please feel free to call us on 01270 252333 or you can email us at

Product Spotlight - Ecolab TopClin
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Product Spotlight - Ecolab TopClin
In this article we will be discussing why the Ecolab TopClin cleaning range is an exceptional collection, why regular cleaning checks should be commenced and the range of TopClin products we carry here at Alliance Online. Ecolab TopClin Collection
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