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AllianceC-Fold 2 Ply Hand Towel 100 sheets

  • Stock code: HTCP0005
  • In Stock

Modular Z-Fold Hand Towel Dispenser Mini (29 x 14.5 x 26.5cm)

  • Stock code: HHZD0013
  • Available in 3-5 days

AllianceC-Fold 1 Ply Hand Towel 192 Sheets

  • Stock code: HTC02880
  • In Stock

Alliance1 Ply C-Fold Hand Towels 192 Sheet

  • Stock code: HTC02881
  • In Stock
Tork - 1 Ply C-Fold Hand Towel

Tork1 Ply C-Fold Hand Towel 192 Sheet

  • Stock code: HSCA0017
  • In Stock

Alliance2 Ply Z-Fold Hand Towels 150 Sheet

  • Stock code: HHZ02002
  • In Stock

TorkXpress® Multifold Hand Towel 2 Ply (21cm)

  • Stock code: HHTZ0002
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

Tork1 Ply Z- Fold Hand Towel 250 Sheets

  • Stock code: HHZ02005
  • In Stock

Alliance1 Ply Z-Fold Hand Towel 150 Sheet

  • Stock code: HHZ00000
  • In Stock

Z Fold Marathon Dispenser

  • Stock code: HHZD0012
  • In Stock

Alliance Online stocks a selection of high quality hand towels and dispensers that are perfect for use in hospitality venues, such as bars and restaurants.

All of the products you see here come from reputable brands, like Kimberly Clark, Tork and Lotus. So, whatever hand towels or dispensers you choose, you know you’ll be getting a great quality product that you, your staff and your customers will appreciate.