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Update your professional kitchen with our sharp, durable Wusthof knives. Alliance Online is you one-stop shop for cutting tools and chef knives of all kinds, and the ones made by Wustholf are some of the best out there.

We have an impressive collection of different types of knives from the brand, including carving knives, chef knives, bread knives, and paring knives, as well as great value Wusthof knife sets that contains a selection of essential tools. We even stock sharpening tools and whetstones from the brand. So, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re after.

In a fast-paced restaurant or food business, it’s absolutely essential to have high-quality cutting tools that won’t break or blunt under constant use. German knife maker Wusthof Trident crafts extremely sharp, durable, and reliable knives, meaning you can count on them to stand up to the rigorous conditions of a professional kitchen.

This is just a small sample of the chef knives and knife sets we have to offer, so shop the full range to find more essential cutting tools, including bread knives, paring knives, and carving knives. We also have colour coded knives that will help you to practice good hygiene during prep work. 

Here at Alliance Online, we offer free UK delivery over £30 (ex VAT. So, buy a Wusthof chef knife from our online store today.