Bar and Restaurant Signs



MiletaRigid S/A Leave Premises Quietly Sign 260x170mm

  • Stock code: JWLPQ031
  • Available in 10-14 days

MiletaRigid S/A Car Park Disclaimer Sign 260x170mm

  • Stock code: JWCP0001
  • Available in 1-3 days

BeaumontRigid S/A Wine By The Glass 125ml Sign 110x170mm

  • Stock code: JWMS0030
  • Available in 5-7 days
Limited Stock!
Wine By The Glass Sign 250ml

Wine By The Glass Sign 250ml 11 x 17cm

  • Stock code: JWMS0050
  • In Stock

MiletaRigid S/A Toilets Symbol 128x83mm

  • Stock code: JWTS0003
  • Available in 10-14 days

MiletaRigid S/A Gents Toilet Symbol 128x83mm

  • Stock code: JWGTS001
  • Available in 1-3 days

Ensure your business is compliant with your local regulations with these bar and restaurant signs from Alliance Online. We have an extensive selection of signage for every area of your premises, including legal notices and disclaimers, as well general signage that will help your customers to navigate your venue. So, you can ensure any relevant info your guests may need to know is clearly displayed at all times.

In any business which serves food and drink to the public, it's sometimes necessary to display certain information — especially if your business serves alcohol. We have an extensive selection of restaurant and bar signs that will ensure this information is readily available. We also have more generic signs such as "staff only" signage and toilet signs, which will ensure your customers can easily find their way around the building.

All of the signage you see here is designed to look sleek, stylish, and unobtrusive, so it will complement your existing décor. Additionally, many of the bar signs in this range come with self-adhesive backing, which means they're fast and easy to put up.

We have lots more catering boards and signs to choose from. So, if you can't find exactly the right sign in this range, take a look at our food hygiene signs, catering safety sign packs, and general health and safety notices. We also have bar notices that are ideal for pubs.

Order now and receive free UK delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT). Buy restaurant signs with Alliance Online today.