Mini Fridges



Here at Alliance Online, we have a fantastic range of mini fridges for you to choose from. These small, convenient appliances are ideal for bar tops, hotel rooms, and anywhere else that you need to keep drinks cool while saving space. So for any commercial establishment that would need to facilitate a mini fridge, we have the right choice for you.


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Our range of Mini Fridges

Small fridges and mini bars are great for displaying drinks and snacks while keeping them refreshingly cool. Their sturdy build and handy size mean that they can be popped on countertops or tucked away under tables, without taking up much room. All of the mini bar fridge cabinets you see here are available to buy at wholesale prices for your business. Looking for more space-saving coolers? Check out our selections of under-counter fridges and freezers and you're sure to find what you need.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

In our 23 year history of supplying the commercial catering sector, we at Alliance Online have provided bars, restaurants and pubs with the equipment needed for arduous operations. Mini fridges are an underrated piece of equipment for a commercial kitchen as they are compact.


Is there any maintenance needed for a mini fridge?

The recommended period of time between maintenance should be a month. To ensure that a mini fridge has a long lifespan we would recommend undertaking the following three steps:

  • Cleaning Interior and Exterior - Wiping down the interior and cleaning the door seals should be a priority.
  • Defrosting - To avoid a potential wet mess on a kitchen floor your mini fridge may need defrosting.
  • Compressor and Coils - When cleaning the compressor and coils it is essential that your unit is UNPLUGGED, this can involve wiping down any dust buildup and vacuuming the unit.

How Big of a mini fridge do I need?

Entirely dependent on the user, storage should be planned out before purchasing as knowing what you are going to put in the mini fridge before buying can have an effect on which model an establishment should opt for. It is also important that measurements are taken in the kitchen.