Bar Essentials



BeaumontStainless Steel Ice Tongs 7" (18cm)

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Barista Cloth 42 x 33cm

  • Stock code: HCBC0001
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Professional 8 Piece Cocktail Kit

  • Stock code: BBCK0001
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UtopiaStainless Steel Bar Knife 8" (20.5cm)

  • Stock code: BASK0001
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BeaumontWine Bottle Resealer/Stopper

  • Stock code: BBRW0001
  • In Stock

Sankey Spout/Tap Brush 18"

  • Stock code: JSS00016
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Beer Keg Checker (suitable for up to 22 gallons)

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  • Stock code: BCDS0201
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Kitchen CraftDouble Walled Wine Bottle Cooler

  • Stock code: BBCC0001
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UtopiaCopper Plated Handled Cocktail Mug 17oz (48cl)

  • Stock code: GCM00001
  • Available in 3-5 days

UtopiaCopper Plated Bar Strainer 2 Prong

  • Stock code: BFST0782
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UtopiaCopper Plated French Cocktail Shaker 50cl (17.5oz)

  • Stock code: LCSC0057
  • Available in 1-3 days

UtopiaCopper Plated Boston Shaker Can 80cl (28oz)

  • Stock code: BCCB0028
  • Available in 3-5 days

BeaumontCopper Plated Boston Shaker Can 28oz (79.5cl)

  • Stock code: LCBSC028
  • Available in 3-5 days

Polycarbonate Ice Jug 2Ltr

  • Stock code: LCJP0001
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

BeaumontChrome Glass Hanger 16"

  • Stock code: BGHC0016
  • In Stock

Garnish Tweezers 30cm (300mm)

  • Stock code: LGCT0032
  • In Stock

BeaumontGin & Tonic Spoon 15cm (6")

  • Stock code: BGTS0001
  • In Stock

Impress your patrons with these bar essentials from Alliance Online. We offer a huge range of tools and equipment for making and serving all sorts of drinks, including cocktail shakers, muddlers, strainers, bottle openers, ice tongs, and more. And, everything is available to buy in bulk at wholesale prices, so you can stock up and keep costs down.

To do their jobs effectively, your staff need to have access to reliable tools and equipment that can stand up to the rigours of daily use, and that's exactly what you'll find with this collection. We offer an extensive selection of cocktail bar essentials from top hospitality brands — such as Utopia, Genware, Artis, and more — so you can ensure you're making the finest drinks for your customers.

This is just a small selection of our full range of wholesale pub and bar equipment, all of which is available to buy in bulk at great-value prices — perfect for keeping those overheads as low as possible. Shop the collection to find everything else you'll need to stock up your bar for your next service, including pub and bar glassware, straws, dispensers and measures, and bottle stands and speed rails.

Buy now and you’ll receive free UK delivery when you spend £30 or more on your order (excludes VAT). Shop essential bar tools and equipment with Alliance Online.