Bar Essentials



Barista Cloth 42 x 33cm

  • Stock code: HCBC0001
  • In Stock

Professional 8 Piece Cocktail Kit

  • Stock code: BBCK0001
  • In Stock

BeaumontStainless Steel Ice Tongs 7" (18cm)

  • Stock code: BSST0007
  • In Stock

UtopiaStainless Steel Bar Knife 8" (20.5cm)

  • Stock code: BASK0001
  • In Stock

Stainless Steel Barboard with Chopping Board

  • Stock code: BTSS0318
  • Available in 3-5 days

BonzerClassic Cocktail Kit

  • Stock code: BBBK0001
  • Available in 3-5 days

BeaumontWine Bottle Resealer/Stopper

  • Stock code: BBRW0001
  • In Stock

Sankey Spout/Tap Brush 18"

  • Stock code: JSS00016
  • In Stock
From Waiters Friends and Corkscrews through to Speed Rails & Bar Knives you'll find all your Bar Essentials here!