Hospitality Bathroom Accessories



Hook Free Plain Shower Curtain 180 x 180cm

  • Stock code: GSWC0006
  • Available in 3-5 days

Hook Free Striped Shower Curtain 180 x 180cm

  • Stock code: GSWC0007
  • Available in 3-5 days

Rubber Bath Mat 34x74cm (14" x 30")

  • Stock code: HRBM0002
  • In Stock

Pebbles Bath Mat 36 x 69cm

  • Stock code: HRBM0005
  • In Stock

Colgate Traveller Dental Kit

  • Stock code: GTDK0100
  • In Stock

Satin Stripe Shower Curtain 180cm x 180cm

  • Stock code: GSWC0001
  • In Stock

Plain Shower Curtain 180x180cm

  • Stock code: GSWC0002
  • In Stock

Satin Stripe Shower Curtain 180cm x 180cm

  • Stock code: GSWC0004
  • In Stock

Mechanical Bathroom Scales 30x30x6.8cm

  • Stock code: MESC1000
  • In Stock
SAN Tumbler

SAN Tumbler 250ml

  • Stock code: DGTS0250
  • In Stock

Rattan Effect Bathroom Pedal Bin 6 Ltr

  • Stock code: HPBC0001
  • In Stock

Chrome/Polished Pedal Bin 3Ltr

  • Stock code: HPBI0005
  • In Stock

Round Metal Pedal Bin 3Ltr

  • Stock code: HPBI0007
  • In Stock

Unbranded Round Metal Pedal Bin 5Ltr

  • Stock code: HPBI0010
  • In Stock

Brasil Bin 6.5 Ltr

  • Stock code: CT009012
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

Shop for hospitality bathroom accessories here at Alliance Online. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, or hotel, we'll have all of the toilet and bathroom accessories you need to keep your customers happy.

In this range, you'll find shower curtains, bathmats, dental kits, scales, bathroom bins, and more — everything you could possibly need to kit out your establishment's bathrooms. And they're all of a fantastic quality, so you can be sure your customers are going to be impressed by your facilities.

We stock plenty of other washroom supplies, too. So, if you would like to buy some more of our essentials, make sure you also check out our collections of hand wash, hand dryers, baby changing stations, toilet tissues and dispensers, and washroom cleaning chemicals.

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