Commercial Food Prep Equipment

Here you'll find the entire range of commercial food prep equipment available at Alliance Online. We have wholesale professional appliances and equipment that will save time when prepping every kind of food, whether that's chopping vegetables, mincing or slicing meat, or even blending soups and purees.

When running a catering business, time is money. So, it's important to equip your kitchen staff with food preparation equipment that will cut down the time they need to spend prepping before service starts. In this range, you'll find everything they need to create fantastic food in a busy commercial kitchen.

With our range of commercial food preparation equipment we aim to offer you the best in choice, value and quality, so you can choose products perfect for your unique catering establishment. If you need to prepare lots of vegetables, then our commercial food processors will be ideal. We also have slicers and mincers that are perfect for working with meats, and potato peelers and chippers, dough mixers, and pasta makers for everything else.

Shop our commercial food preparation range to find reliable time-saving devices for your businesses at Alliance Online.