Refrigerated Display Units


WilliamsWilliams Refrigerated Thermowell Unit 1862 mm TW18 1862mm (W) x 385mm (D) x 241mm (H)

  • Stock code: WRTW0018
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

VictorVictor Caribbean Refrigerated Topper CTS1 1200mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 635mm (H)

  • Stock code: WCTS0001
  • Available for order (Extended Delivery)

VictorVictor Caribbean Cooled Topper 1500mm with gantry 1500mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 635mm (H)

  • Stock code: WVCR0015
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

VictorRefrigerated Topper 1100mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 635mm (H)

  • Stock code: LBCT0011
  • Available in 3-5 days

A range of refrigerated display units are available wholesale at Alliance Online. They are designed to keep your food at safe temperatures and provide a presentation unit to display your food in.

If you own a café, restaurant, our pub, a refrigerated display unit can help you present your food in an aesthetically pleasing way and preserve it at cool temperature – getting the best of both worlds.

We stock a number of different types of refrigerated display unit, so you can choose a model that perfectly suits your catering establishment. Types stocked at Alliance Online include standard display cabinets, refrigerated salad bars and refrigerated toppers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about the range of refrigerated display units.