Stainless Steel Centrefeed Dispenser

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Modular Mini Centrefeed Dispenser

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TorkWiping Paper Centrefeed 1 Ply (320m)

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AllianceMini Centrefeed Roll 2 Ply 60m

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Couch Roll Hygiene Roll

Couch Roll Hygiene Roll 25cm x 50m (10")

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Improved Design
Tork - Reflex Centrefeed Single Sheet Dispenser

TorkWiping Centrefeed Roll 1 Ply 270m

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A comprehensive range of branded and own-label centre feed roll and essential paper consumbles for every drying and wiping situation. We also supply centrefeed dispensers and kitchen roll.

There are many reasons why centrefeed is often the choice of caterers, as it provides a large amount of tissue for an economical price. Ideal for dealing with light spillages, those who buy centrefeed will find it is made from 100% recycled material in most cases. Perhaps its main advantage is that it is disposable, meaning that it does not take up space in the kitchen or washroom once it has been used.

Why do caterers use centrefeed?

Centrefeed is multi-functional. It is perfect for drying hands or mopping light spillages, and the amount of roll the buyer gets for their money makes it a far more economical purchase than an abundance of separately packaged toilet rolls or kitchen towels.

In homes, the occasional knocked over glass of water can easily be mopped up with paper towels or a J-cloth, but few people have more spillages than caterers, nor as much responsibility to deal with them as quickly. Whether cooking, preparing drinks, or serving refreshments, things are bound to get knocked over and surfaces are certain to get wet. With food hygiene standards becoming increasingly stringent – not to mention the health and safety concerns synonymous with wet floors and slippery surfaces – caterers must be sure that spillages are cleaned up immediately. A swift and cost-effective way to do this is to use part of a large roll of centrefeed.

What is centrefeed made from?

Centrefeed is usually made from recycled paper but it does not skimp on materials, with high-quality paper and glue forming a reliable and durable product. It is commonly created by gluing together two plies – the glue being strong enough to ensure that the paper plies do not become separated during packaging or usage. Due to the way it is put together, it is also highly absorbent.

Which colour of centrefeed should be chosen?

Centrefeed is usually sold in either blue or white, and the aesthetic purposes can vary depending on where and how it is used. As blue is a colour not usually associated with food, it can be most effective to use blue rolls in bathrooms due to the colour's connotations with water, cleanliness and disinfectants. White rolls will give a fresh look in restaurants and kitchens. In either case, the roll turns visibly darker when it gets wet, which is useful for hygiene purposes as it is an immediate indication that the roll has been used.

In restaurants, centrefeed can be used by both staff and customers, offering a quick way for staff to clear up light, liquid spillages, or an easy, hygienic way for customers to dry their hands. For hygiene and presentation reasons, it is usually best to place the centrefeed roll inside a dispenser. As well as ensuring that too many hands do not touch the roll, this also means that people will take sheets one by one and less of the roll will be wasted. Caterers will find that buying plenty of centrefeed will pay for itself in the long run.