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Polyethylene Rolling Pin 14" (45mm Dia)

  • Stock code: LCRP0015
  • Available in 7-10 days

Polyethylene Rolling Pin 16" (45mm Dia)

  • Stock code: LCRP0016
  • In Stock

Wooden Rolling Pin 16" (40mm Dia)

  • Stock code: LWRP0016
  • Available in 10-14 days

Polyethylene Rolling Pin 12" (45mm Dia)

  • Stock code: LCRP0012
  • In Stock

Buy rolling pins for your bakery or food business at Alliance Online. In this range you'll find high-quality rolling pins that are perfect for making pastry, shaping icing, or rolling dough for biscuits or pizzas. They're designed especially for catering businesses and so will stand up to frequent use in professional kitchens.

Our range is extensive, and includes heavy-duty, well-made wooden rolling pins that are ideal for doughs and pastries. You'll also find slimmer, non-stick rolling pins that are handy for shaping fondants and icing. We offer a selection of widths and sizes, so you can ensure your kitchen staff or pastry cooks always have exactly the right tool for job.

For perfect results, you need to have the best equipment on hand at all times. These rolling pins for bakeries are crafted from smooth, hard-wearing wood or polyethylene, so you can be sure that they'll do the job you need. Plus, they're also hygienic and easy to clean, so you can ensure the safety of your food.

Here at Alliance Online, we stock everything that you need to get your bakery or food business up and running, including bakeware, mixing bowls, sieves, and piping bags. Shop our full range of wholesale baking equipment to find more essential tools and products.

Order today and receive free UK delivery over £30 (ex VAT). Buy professional wholesale rolling pins with Alliance Online today.