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Find the best cutting tools for your professional kitchen in this range of Victorinox knives from Alliance Online. A set of reliable, durable, and extremely sharp knives is an essential part of any caterer's toolkit, and the ones made by Victorinox are some of the finest around. Browse the range to find some of the brands most popular ranges, including Fibrox, Rosewood, and Polypropylene knives, as well as knife accessories and gadgets.

In this impressive selection, you'll find a huge choice of Victorinox kitchen knives to suit every application and food type, including carving, bread, paring and filleting knives. Our collections include Victorinox forged knives, which are extra-sturdy and long-lasting, as well as stamped versions, which are lightweight and easy to handle and use.

We know how important it is for caterers to have access to quality tools. Victorinox is one of the best-known knife makers in the business, and their exceptionally well-made tools are found in professional kitchens all over Britain. So, you can count on them to provide precise cutting action, and to be incredibly strong and long-lasting.

If you'd like to see more of the impressive brands we have to offer, shop our full range of chef knives, where you'll find all kinds of cutting tools from the likes of Wusthof, Giesser, and Tramontina. We also have colour coded knives that are ideal for professional caterers.

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