Double Boiler Pans


At Alliance Online, we stock an impressive range of professional-quality double boiler pans that are ideal for restaurants and other catering environments. The versatile and durable pans you see here are perfect for making delicate sauces or custards, poaching fish, or melting chocolate, and will get much better results than simply using a regular saucepan.  

These double boiler pan sets have two sections: one large, deep pan and another slightly smaller, shallower one, which is stacked on top of the larger pan. The large pan can then be used to boil water, creating the perfect conditions for simmering, poaching, or melting ingredients in the upper pan. They're an essential item if you make a lot of sauces in your kitchen, if you frequently need to melt chocolate for desserts.

The boiler pans you see here have sturdy handles for portability, as well as clever vents to allow steam to escape. And, as they're designed by some of the best names in the industry, and constructed from durable aluminium and steel, you can be confident they'll be long-lasting and incredibly reliable.

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Order now and receive free UK delivery when you spend £30 (price excludes VAT). Buy double boiler pans for your professional kitchen at Alliance Online.