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2 Year Warranty
Numatic - Numatic Sanitise Pro Machine NSU370 + 250ml TECcare

NumaticNumatic Sanitise Pro Machine NSU370 + 250ml TECcare

  • Stock code: HSNP0370
  • Available in 3-5 days
2 Year Warranty
Numatic - Numatic Sanitise Pro Machine NSU370

NumaticNumatic Sanitise Pro Machine NSU370

  • Stock code: HSNP0371
  • Available in 3-5 days

KarcherSG 4/4 Steam Cleaner 321mm (W) x 127mm (D) x 186mm (H)

  • Stock code: KSGS0044
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherSG4/4 Industrial Steam Cleaner 4Ltr (L475mm x W320mm x H275mm)

  • Stock code: WHSC4003
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherCarpet Cleaner Puzzi 10/2 10/9 Litre (710mm (W) x 330mm (D) x 440mm (H) )

  • Stock code: KACC0102
  • Available for order (Please Call)

Karcher10/1 Carpet Cleaner Puzzi 10/9 Litre (L710 x W330 x H440mm)

  • Stock code: KACC0101
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherBRC45/45C Upright Carpet Cleaner 545mm (W) x 770mm (D) x 1250mm (H)

  • Stock code: WBRC4545
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherFloor attachment for Puzzi 8/1C

  • Stock code: KACCF081
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherBR30/04C Upright Scrubber Dryer 4/4Litres (L390mm x W335mm x H1180mm)

  • Stock code: WBRC3004
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherHD5/11P Cold Water Jet Washer

  • Stock code: KAJW0511
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherHD6/13C Plus Cold Water Jet Washer 360mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 930mm (H)

  • Stock code: KAJW0613
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherNT 48/1 Replacement Cartridge Filter

  • Stock code: KAVC0789
  • Available for order (Please Call)

KarcherNT 48/1 Replacement Paper Filter Bags

  • Stock code: KAVC0285
  • Available for order (Please Call)

Discover an effective range of deep cleaning equipment available to buy at wholesale prices at Alliance Online. In this collection, you'll find powerful appliances and products that will allow you to deep clean your premises to a professional level. These tools are ideal for cleaning customer-facing areas in restaurants, hotels, and any other kind of business that needs to look its best at all times.

A key part of a catering establishment's success is how clean and tidy it is. For example, a pristine and hygienic restaurant will not only look great, but it will be a much safer environment in which to prepare and serve food. At Alliance Online we can offer you a huge choice of quality deep cleaning equipment, that will provide a much more intensive clean than you would get with standard janitorial equipment. 

Selected items in our deep cleaning range include steam cleaners, carpet cleanersair blowers, and more. These have been manufactured by the esteemed brands Karcher and Truvox, so you can rest assured you are getting your money's worth with a quality product that will leave your premises sparkling clean.

Alliance Online is your one stop shop for all wholesale cleaning products and janitorial supplies, so browse our collections now to find wholesale cleaning chemicals, kitchen hygiene products, and more.

Buy wholesale deep cleaning products at Alliance Online, and you'll receive free UK delivery over £30 (ex VAT).