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Disposable Beer Glasses

Here at Alliance Online, we have a great range of plastic glasses that are perfect for kitting out your restaurant, bar of café.

When you work in a busy environment serving drinks, we know it’s important you have glassware you can rely on, which is why we stock a great collection of durable, reusable plastic glasses. These will withstand more wear and tear than delicate glass, but still look fantastic. And, as we have everything from plastic wine glasses, to gin, shot and pint glasses, you won't have to compromise on offering your customers the best service.

If you're catering for special occasions, you'll be pleased to hear that we have a great selection of plastic cocktail and prosecco glasses for your customers. So, they will still be able to celebrate in style.

Looking to reduce your plastic usage? Don't worry – we have a great range of glassware including wine glasses that are available in materials such as toughened glass and crystal. And, as these all come from reputable brands, you can be sure they're made to a high standard.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT), so shop for plastic drinking glasses today.