Wholesale Floor Cleaning and Care Products

Wholesale Floor Cleaning & Care Products | Alliance Online

Browse our wide range of wholesale floor cleaning and care products here at Alliance Online. This range includes everything from hard surface cleaners and floor polish to carpet care. So, whether you need supplies to keep your kitchen, bar, or hotel rooms in great shape, you'll find the perfect floor care products to suit your needs here.

Our Range of Floor Cleaning & Care Products

We know you want to give your customers the best possible impression of your business, and cleanliness is key. But, while you might always make sure that your worktops, tables, crockery, and cutlery are always sparkling, don't forget about your floors! All of our floor cleaning solutions will help to keep them looking great with minimal effort. These aren't the only cleaning chemicals that we offer, either. If you're impressed by our range of floor cleaning solutions, make sure you also check out our selections of kitchen cleaning products, dishwashing products, and washroom chemicals.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

As a company which has been operating within the hospitality industry for over 23 years, we have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning. Our offering has been put together over years with us perfecting it each year to ensure it covers all areas a business could need when cleaning their establishment. We offer free UK delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT). Bulk buy cleaning solutions at wholesale prices at Alliance Online today or browse the rest of our extensive cleaning collection.


Why is floor cleaning so important in a commercial sector?

Clean floors are essential for maintaining a safe, healthy, and inviting environment. They can prevent accidents, improve indoor air quality, reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, maintain the appearance of the space, and prevent damage to the floors.