Whirlpool Omnia AWH912/PRO Commercial Washer 9KG 9Kg Capacity White

£720.00 Each
Inc. VAT: £864.00
£864.00 Each
Ex. VAT: £720.00
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  • Stock code: WSTD0449
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 9Kg Capacity (600 mm (W) x 640 mm (D) x 850 mm (H))
  • Stock: Available for order (Extended Delivery)
  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Colour: White
ZEN Technology: The AWH912 features the innovative ZEN Motor, which is directly
attached to the drum without the traditional belt, delivering outstanding cleaning results
while minimizing noise and vibrations. Thanks to the direct rotation, the set of movements
determined by the load and selected programme are more precise, meaning optimized energy
efficiency and improved steadiness.
Steam Hygiene: Forget bacteria. Pure, perfect cleaning become effortless. When Steam
Hygiene is activated, laundry get sanitized by a hot steam flow at the end of the cycle. Air
at 70OC/80OC fills the drum for 30 minutes, neutralizing up to 99.9% of bacteria with no
chemicals, in a powerful and natural way.
Fresh Care+: Unloading the washer the very moment the cycle is over is no longer
essential to avoid bad odours and creases: Fresh Care+ takes care of both. Once the
cycle is over, a steam flow is released inside the drum, gently massaging the load with
several slow bidirectional oscillations. These combines actions keep clothes fresh
inside the washer for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle, preventing the
proliferation of the main odour sources.
Anti Stain Cycle: This exclusive professional programme capable of removing more
than 100 stains in just one hour. It is perfect washing programme for businesses with
a rapid turnover of table clothes and towels that need to be washed quickly and
Anti Allergy Cycle: A special programme that eliminates all the detergent traces and
99.99% of pollens, house dust mites, pet hair, and much more. Ideal for environments
that require high levels of cleanliness due to groups or individuals with high
susceptibility to illness, for example: care homes and nursery schools
Energy EfficiencyB
Warranty GB1 Year Parts and Labour
Warranty Service TypeOn Site Warranty
Power SourceElectric - 13 Amp Plug-In