Anyah Body Lotion 30ml

Anyah Eco Spa Treatment is an eco-friendly amenities collection with an environmental quality guarantee. Anyah's packaging is made to reduce CO2 emissions and the products aim to meet the main ecological certifications - EU Ecolabel and Ecocert. All products feature the specified LCA results, which indicate its entire life cycle impact on the environment. Anyah Doypacks (30ml) are 68% more ecological than the standard 30ml bottle. Anyah's body lotion, Ecocert certified, contains organic sunflower oil and emollient properties, and is enriched with rosemary leaf extract for nourishing and moisturising dry skin. The formula is highly compatible with the skin due to the high-quality ingredients and environmental stability.

Key Features:

- 30ml
- Anyah Body Lotion
- Grey
- Recyclable
- Sustainable
- Clinically Tested & Nickel Tested
- BHT Free & EDTA Free
- Petrolatum Free & Silicones Free
- Free Of Synthetic Colourants
- Vegan Friendly
£71.38 for 200
Inc. VAT: £85.66
£85.66 for 200
Ex. VAT: £71.38
  • Stock code: GADP0004
  • Quantity: 1 x 200
  • Size: 30ml
  • Stock: In Stock

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