Bryta Dishwash Liquid Detergent 5Ltr

The Bryta dishwash liquid detergent is made for integral dose machines. The detergent is perfect for usage in professional commercial kitchens. The formula consists of control agents that makes the product especially effective at removing soil. Can be used for dried on food and grease when washing.

Key Features:

- 5 ltr
- Bryta Dishwash Liquid Detergent
- Special Scaale Control Agents
- Soil Removal
- Effectively Removes Dried On Food
£15.60 for 5Ltr
Inc. VAT: £18.72
£18.72 for 5Ltr
Ex. VAT: £15.60
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  • Size: 5Ltr
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Concentrated liquid detergent formulated to provide excellent soil removal in all water conditions. Formulated with scale control agents and cuts through grease and dried on foods.
Volume5000 ml (5 litres)