Wholesale Bagasse Food Containers


Disposables for home deliveries

Bagasse Clamshell Lunch Box 9" x 6"

  • Stock code: CBCB1097
  • In Stock

VegwareBagasse Clamshell Lunch Box 2 Compartment 9x6" (2 Compartment )

  • Stock code: CBCB0963
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

Microwaveable Bagasse Container 500ml

  • Stock code: DMWB0500
  • In Stock

Bagasse Chip Tray Medium (7 x 5")

  • Stock code: DBCT0007
  • In Stock

VegwareGourmet Bagasse Lid Size 3 16-22oz (500-650ml)

  • Stock code: DGCP0003
  • Available in 7-10 days

SabertBe Pulp Domed Lid 23 x 16cm (950ml)

  • Stock code: DBPC0002
  • In Stock

SabertBe Pulp Square Tray Lid 23 x 23cm

  • Stock code: DBPC0004
  • Available in 7-10 days

SabertBe Pulp Square Bowl 375ml (13 x 13cm)

  • Stock code: DBPC0005
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

SabertBe Pulp Square Bowl 750ml (17 x 17cm)

  • Stock code: DBPC0007
  • In Stock

At Alliance Online, we offer a selection of wholesale bagasse food containers, which are ideal for packaging leftovers or serving takeaway food.

Here, you'll find bagasse containers in a wide range of shapes and sizes — there are boxes suitable for burgers, salads, kebabs, and more. So, we're bound to have takeaway boxes that will suit your menu perfectly.

They're a great choice, as they can help to keep hot food warm and cold food cool. Plus, they're sturdy and look great — what more could you want from your takeaway boxes?

These aren't the only food containers we offer. If you would like to browse more of our disposables, be sure to check out our ranges of foil containers and lids, foam food containers, and fast food containers.