Chest Freezers Buying Guide

Chest Freezers

These freezer types are much larger than upright freezers and open from the top.  They are ideal choices for small kitchens or to be used in separate storage areas.  These freezers work well when stacking large quantities of food for example, frozen desserts such as ice cream or pre-packed meat.  Many chest freezers are perfect to use as an extra work top too.  Choose from 185 to 650 Litre capacity on the Alliance website.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for fast-freeze options.
  • Look for integrated locks.
  • Look for digital temperature display.
  • Look for adjustable thermostats.
  • Look for temperature warning lights.
  • Look for manufacturer’s warranty.

For further information visit the refrigeration pages in the Catering Appliances section or contact the Alliance customer care team

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