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Disposables Buying Guides

This section relates to everything that can be thrown away, including cups, plates, cutlery etc.  Used in many fast food establishments, for catering facilities, burger vans, coffee shops, parties and events disposable products are an essential part of many different food businesses.  There is a lot to take into account as well because some products are not as sturdy as others.  If you are serving hot drinks for example, they need to be comfortable to hold and in a resilient container which keeps drinks hot without scalding your customer and is strong enough to hold the drink too.  Disposable items are available in a wide variety of materials as well such as foam, paper and plastic.  There are plenty of advantages to using disposable products because they won’t break and they cut down on cleaning time dramatically.  Within the Alliance website you will find a number of disposable products for use in your business from reputable suppliers and in different materials.  Everything is competitively priced.

The Different Materials

  • Plastic is lead-proof, cut resistant and non-absorbent but it is not as eco-friendly as other products and is generally more expensive. Plastic is a good choice for “smarter” disposable dining.
  • Foam is a better product than plastic in many cases; it is also inexpensive and lightweight with good insulating properties. However it is non-biodegradable and cannot be used in a microwave. Foam is a great choice for casual use.
  • Paper is extremely eco-friendly and there are many recycled products available too. Paper also takes up less storage place than plastic and foam and there are plenty of microwave-safe options.  However, paper is not as strong as foam or plastic and can bend when piled with food.  It also absorbs grease and other liquids if it is not coated.
  • Green or biodegradable products are the most eco-friendly of all because they are naturally broken down over time so reduce the carbon footprint. They help cut down on landfill build up and still offer an excellent disposable product choice meeting customer needs.

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