Chest Freezers


Alliance Online have been a leading supplier of wholesale chest freezers for the commercial catering establishments for over 23 years, in this time we have gathered information that allows us to recommend and suggest the very best products currently available.


Our Range Of Chest Freezers

From industry-leading suppliers such as Blizzard and Tefcold refrigeration, our wide range of commercial chest freezers are perfect for any bar, restaurant or pub. At Alliance Online, we understand and appreciate that identifying and choosing the right chest freezer can be difficult as different customers look for different features and details. Our range of chest freezers are the ideal solution for frozen food storage.

Why Choose Alliance Online

Providing professional and expert help, we have an expansive breadth of knowledge regarding catering appliances and chest freezers is one of these categories. When it comes to the commercial kitchen, here at Alliance Online we have excelled in offering the highest quality appliances currently available.


How Long Can I Store Food In A Chest Freezer?

It completely depends on the scenario and model of the chest freezer, the recommended length of time that a food can be frozen for is different based on the food in question. Varying from anywhere from 1-6 months for different models and foods.

What Size Chest Freezer Do I Need?

As with any kitchen appliance a chest freezer should be purchased with great care. For any commercial establishment it should be of paramount importance that accurate measurements are taken. For more arduous commercial bars or restaurants we would recommend the largest possible model that can comfortably fit.