Atmospheric Steamers Buying Guide

Atmospheric Steamers

Steamers are used for healthy cooking, they are also fast and economical and very effective once you know how to use them. Suitable for most food as well as vegetables, using steaming as a cooking method keeps nutrients locked into food and maintains moisture.  Additionally, steamers are renowned for keeping food’s texture.  Industrial kitchen steamers vary in size so it’s best to consider how much you are going to use your steamer and also the size of your space.  There are options, for example, full size or half size.  Full size floor model steamers are capable of holding up to 16 full size steam pans, smaller countertop steamers hold up to 6 pans, it is up to you which will be more suitable.    To get the best results using your steamer, food should be placed in pans with a perforated bottom without a lid, this allows the steam to reach all round the surface area whereas using solid pans with lids prevents steam from cooking the food and brings poor results.

  • Pressure Steamers have sealed cabinets that fill with steam and temperature rises very highly so they cook quickly. These are excellent for cooking anything from poultry to root vegetables.  They are safe to use.
  • Convection Steamers are excellent for steaming, stewing, poaching, thawing and part-cooking. They are more flexible than pressure steamers and are very popular in restaurant kitchens.

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