Ice Buckets, Coolers and Stands Buying Guide

Ice Bucket

To keep your customers’ drinks nice and chilled you will need a variety of cooling equipment and depending on the type of establishment you run, there are plenty of options to blend with your brand.  Realistically, you’ll need ice buckets, ice coolers and stands so to decide how many of each you should think about what you use the most on a daily basis.  Think about where they are going to be stored too, some will be behind the bar, some on the bar counter and some taken to tables so aesthetic looks will be important for the latter.  Alliance has every type of cooling bucket, stand and cooler you could need within the website pages at competitive pricing.

Ice Buckets

Choose from stylish stainless steel for great looks but if you would prefer not to have to spend time polishing up to a gleam, hammered or brushed effects are best and there are also transparent acrylic styles which are a smart alternative.  If it’s for customer use at a table, you will need ice buckets with 1 to 1.2 litre capacity. For behind the bar, there are plenty of options including rigid plastic in various colours.  You should think about capacity too, if you need something for behind the bar it should be able to store plenty of ice, look for minimum 4.5 litres.

For the ultimate size, there are a number of barrel style ice buckets which can be used for chilling wine, beer or just used as a large ice bucket.  With traditional wood grain effects these work beautifully in old English pubs and traditional restaurants.  Additionally, many ice buckets double-up as wine buckets and you’ll find materials such as acrylic, gleaming chrome and brushed stainless steel.

Look for:

  • Drain away base liners
  • Double wall insulation
  • Good capacity
  • Matching tongs (for table-use especially)


Serve your customers their chilled wine or champagne in style with a fantastic looking cooler.  These create the right impression and ooze class and sophistication.  There are various finishes including polished stainless steel, polycarbonate, clear acrylic and opaque acrylic.  There are also plenty of styles, from traditional buckets to tubs (for multiple bottles) and champagne bowls.  Large wine cooler products (tubs, bowls etc.) are ideal for keeping behind the bar rather than table use.

Look for:

  • Double wall insulation
  • Handles especially for large coolers
Oval Nite Club Cooler
WMF Urban Champagne Cooler 24cm Silver


Match up your coolers with a stand so the cooler doesn’t need to sit on your customers’ tables.  The stand sits discreetly by the side of the table for ease of use and to keep champagne and wine out of the way of other food and drinks.  For space saving, you’ll find foldable designs which are sturdy and practical.  There are also traditional style stands available.  All are in strong, hardwearing and stylish stainless steel.

For further information on ice buckets, coolers and stands visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team.

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