Chip Scuttles and Potato Peelers Buying Guide

Chip Scuttles and Potato Peelers

Preparing chips and other vegetables in a fast food environment needs to be done quickly and efficiently without removing the flavour and able to withstand long-term use.  There are many commercial potato peelers which make light of hard work freeing you and your staff up to get on with other essential tasks.  Likewise, chip scuttles will keep your freshly prepared chips fresh and tasty for hours without drying them out and retaining all the crisp and moistness that makes chips so great!  If your fast food establishment specialises in chips then both these items are essential for prompt and efficient service.

Chip Scuttles

Once you’ve fried your chips it’s important to have the right place to store them so you don’t have to stand over a chip fryer all day.  This is where the chip scuttle comes in.  Chip scuttles are heated from the underneath and some are equipped with a gantry positioned overhead.  They are designed to keep chips at the correct temperature without drying them out.  Depending on your output, look for a suitably sized chip scuttle and equipment that is easy to clean with removable drain plates.  Some chip scuttles come with lids which is a hygienic way of keeping chips warm for a long time and others come with overhead gantries with lamps so chips are heated from above and below for all round perfection. Another feature to seek out is adjustable temperature control.

Potato Peelers

Rather than buying pre-prepared potatoes, fresh potatoes always give a better flavour chip so it is much better to prepared them for boiling or frying than to buy ready prepared.  Fast, convenient and efficient, potato peelers take the effort out of preparing fresh vegetables.  Potato peelers are designed with chambers which are gritted with a revolving plate at the bottom.  This plate does most of the peeling.  These commercial appliances are built to withstand plenty of use.  There are various different styles of potato peelers available such as bench mounted or freestanding.  It’s important to calculate the amount you need because over-filling is not recommended as it slows down the peeler.  If you have a restaurant which has a large output of chips then look for something which can produce up to 270 kg per hour.  The freestanding or upright potato peelers are the fastest on the market and come with a roomy bowl at the bottom to collect waste.  For smaller establishments, bench mounted easy to clean potato peelers will suffice.

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