Burco Countertop Equipment Buying Guide

Burco Countertop Equipment

For fast food equipment which is space saving but still gives outstanding performance, seek out a reputable brand with plenty of cooking options.  The Burco collection offers a number of different cooking variants for countertop from Bain Marie to boiling top, fryer, griddle, grill and induction hob so whether you want one or two extra cooking facilities to complement your menu or if you are just looking for extra capacity, Burco is an outstanding reputable supplier offering cost effective solutions.

Burco Boiling Tops

Light to medium duty, the stainless steel Burco boiling top is small and neat and gives you extra gas hob space where you need it or gives you the option of offering select menu items.  It is not intended for restaurants that offer large amounts of food requiring boiling as a form of cooking.  The boiling top from Burco is a very small footprint and boasts temperature control and a pressed hob which is useful for collecting spillages.  Additionally, you will find convenient non-slip feet for good safety.  Finally, it is exceptionally easy to use – just plug in and start cooking!

Burco Induction Hobs

Ideal for a limited space kitchen, those looking for extra induction hob capacity or for an establishment wanting to offer a small amount of induction hob cooked dishes the stainless steel construction Burco induction hob offers a very energy efficient method of pan style cooking.  As it is energy efficient, it saves on energy usage therefore lowering your bills and by cooking using induction, the heat only touches the pan rather than the surrounding area keeping the kitchen free from excess heat.  Do bear in mind that the Burco induction hob works with flat based induction pans. It also comes with touch controls and a hard wearing glass surface.

Burco Bain Maries

A very useful piece of equipment for any kitchen, large or small, is the Bain Marie.  If you want to keep some food warm for hours and you have a small fast food establishment then the Burco Bain Marie is a small enough footprint to cope with up to three 1/3 Gastronorm pans yet is neat enough not to take up too much room.  This Bain Marie relies on electricity which means it is very convenient for a fast food restaurant because it easily plugs into an electrical supply and heats up in moments.  With varying heat control and no emptying required, it is an excellent solution if you want to keep sauces, soups and pre-cooked food at a hygienically warm temperature without drying out.

Burco Fryers

The Burco fryers are ideal pieces of equipment for restauranteurs looking for extra capacity or just small fryers for occasional menu options.  These fryers are small enough to sit on a countertop; offering 6 litre capacity so can cook up to 11kg of chilled or 8kg of frozen chips per hour.  They can easily be stored away when not in use.  Built out of long lasting and hardwearing stainless steel they are easy to clean and include a wire basket, drain-pipe and lifting tool.

Burco Griddles

A countertop griddle makes a useful addition to a working kitchen or a fast food establishment.  The stainless steel construction Burco is a small countertop appliance which plugs into an electricity supply so it’s ready to use. As with all Burco products, this griddle never compromises on quality and this footprint is neat enough to store away easily when not in use.  It includes a removable fat collecting drawer which makes it easy to clean when not in use, a drainage channel to remove the excess fat and non-slip feet for safety purposes.

Burco Grills

The Burco countertop grills are designed to give restauranteurs extra capacity cooking where needed and are equally perfect for fast food establishments with limited space.  While they are a smaller footprint than traditional grills they are still a very high quality appliance and the cooking results are outstanding.  Choose from light duty to medium duty products depending on your output and cooking requirements.  The electric grill simply plugs into an electricity source and is small enough that it can be easily stored away when not in use. Made out of hardwearing and long lasting stainless steel it is extremely easy to maintain with useful slide out fat collection tray.  Even if you have a very small cooking area, the Burco electric grill can be wall mounted conveniently freeing up that extra countertop space.  There is also a salamander grill available, simply plug in and start cooking.  This appliance is efficient and safe as it does not have a fat tray. 

Burco Multifunction Cooker

The multifunction cooker by Burco is used for a variety of different cooking methods including rice.  This is a useful appliance for an Asian style or Chinese restaurant because it is capable of cooking fish, vegetables, sauces and soup too.  Additionally, this type of cooker is able to keep food warm, after the cooking process so food can be used later and food doesn’t stick because of the removable bowl which makes it easy to clean too.  While it is a small footprint and sits neatly on a countertop and it is able to keep up to 10 litres of soup or sauces warm, 6 litres of pasta or rice warm, (that’s 30 portions) and cooks 30 portions of rice in just 35 minutes.  The multifunction cooker is also able to steam cook food where required.  It’s a useful all in one cooking appliance ideal for fast food restaurants or indeed any establishment because of its versatility.

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