Refrigerated Displays and Thermowells Buying Guide

Refrigerated Displays and Thermowells

Used to display prepared food for example cakes and desserts, pre-packed sandwiches, soft drinks etc. refrigerated displays sit in restaurants and cafes so customers can view food.  They are also used on buffets and in some shops too.   Refrigerated displays are manufactured to maintain food and drink at optimum storage temperature while allowing easy access to waiters, waitresses, shop keepers and members of the public.  There are many different looks and sizes to refrigerated displays from rectangular to curved, fully visible to part visible, fully open and self-service cabinets too.  If you are using these for buffet purposes, there are salad bar options and thermowells which have hollow tubes closed off on one end and are used to measure temperature so it is absolutely accurate.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for easy access.
  • Look for non-slip feet.
  • Look for good temperature range.
  • If used on buffets, look for good illumination.
  • Look for hygienic “sneeze” screens for buffet use.
  • Look for energy efficiency (double-glazing is excellent for cost-saving).

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