Stick Blenders Buying Guide

Stick Blenders

Blenders are very important items in any kitchen and do a variety of essential kitchen jobs in seconds.  Used for soups, smoothies, mayonnaise, sauces and batter to name a few, a good quality blender will make light of mixing work.  Hand (or stick) blenders come with a range of speeds and usually can do other jobs as well as blending.  Electronically operated, they have a blade at the bottom of the stick which is responsible for chopping and blending.  When looking for a hand-held stick blender look for one with different attachments such as a whisk and processing bowl so it can multi-task.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for variable speed settings.
  • Look for larger wattage for pureed food.
  • Look for removable blade units for easy cleaning.
  • Look for dishwasher safe items.
  • Consider buying spare stick attachments.

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