Cooking Ranges Buying Guide

Cooking Ranges

Every chef’s kitchen needs a good quality cooking range; cooking ranges are capable of cooking almost anything.  Cooking ranges can be further broken down into four different types:

  • Open Top Burners are gas or electric with an oven underneath. These are excellent for fuel efficiency because most of the heat is directed at the cooking pan rather than into the kitchen.  They also heat pans very fast.
  • Solid Tops have a solid cast iron top which is heated underneath by gas or electricity, like the open top burners, they have an oven underneath. Solid tops can accommodate more pots and pans than the open burners and pans can be easily moved from direct heat to cooler areas.
  • Boiling Tables have a similar top to cooking ranges but a boiling table has no oven below. These are useful if there are already enough oven appliances in the kitchen and the underneath is convenient for extra storage.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for one burner or radiant that is more powerful than others as this is useful for fast boiling or heating big pans.
  • Look for easy to clean ranges.
  • Make sure you have accessibility to spare parts.
  • Always clean spilt food on your cooking range immediately.
  • Check gas burner jets regularly so they don’t become clogged.
  • Clean the pan supports and oven cavities every week.
  • Put sheets of tin foil underneath gas burners as these make cleaning so much easier.
  • Never use harsh cleaning products on stainless steel.
  • Never place pans near the edge of the range.
  • Never slam the oven doors.
  • Never leave jets switched on when not in use.

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