Fryers Buying Guide


Sometimes referred to as deep fat fryers, these are used for frying fish, chicken, chips and other ingredients.  The food cooks in hot oil at the very top of the fryer.  Always remember that fry time varies considerably between different food and potatoes so purchase one which will cope with your needs and what you are cooking.  Deep fat fryers come in gas or electric, electric fryers are less expensive and suitable for lower cooking batches.  If your chef’s kitchen cooks large amounts of fried food, such as chips, then it is wise to invest in a gas-powered fryer.  While it is more expensive, it is cheaper to run in the long-term although the gas system will need to be serviced regularly.  As a suggestion, have two deep fat fryers, one used just for chips and French fries, the other for frying other food.  Cared for well, deep fat fryers should last for years.  Oil is the main maintenance issue for deep fat frying.  However, used at too high a temperature and without regular cleaning, oil will degrade and this causes damage and poor cooking.  There are a number of pan fryer options on the Alliance website from countertop to free standing, single fryer pans to twin so depending on your needs, you will find the perfect appliance.

Points to Remember:

  • Always remove food debris from oil as instructed in the manufacturer guidelines.
  • Clean fry baskets after use.
  • Use oil filtration.
  • Regularly check the back of the fryer for grease build-up.
  • Never clean stainless steel using harsh, abrasive cleaners.
  • Never overload deep fat fryers.

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