Dehydrators Buying Guide


Food dehydrators preserve foods, anything from dried fruit to dried meat and with healthy food being so high in priority for customers; food dehydrators are becomingly increasingly more popular in commercial kitchens. Food dehydrators are usually made out of plastic or metal and they dry foods by blowing hot air through them.  The hot air removes the moisture in the food so food can be stored safely to be eaten at a later date.  There are different options to choose from too.

Tray Dehydrators

These are stacking systems made up of racks; food is placed on the trays and then sealed.  There is a fan mechanism which circulates air to dry out the food.  These types of food dehydrators are relatively small which is useful if space is tight and comprise of 12 to 30 racks.

Box Dehydrators

These are box shaped with shelves (or trays) and work like an oven.  Food is placed on trays which are placed inside the box and a fan mechanism blows air onto the food.  They are larger than the tray style product.

Points to Remember:

  • Check your space because if your kitchen is small you should opt for a countertop model.
  • Choose a dehydrator according to your needs, if you are regularly drying out large quantities of food select the larger version.
  • Choose a dehydrator with a timer because it will alert you when your food is ready.

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