Serving and Tip Trays Buying Guide

Serving Trays

Serving drinks in your bar or pub needs to be done professionally and using the right equipment so to reflect your brand.  While it is a simple item, there is still plenty to take into consideration.  It’s all about presentation and the same applies to your bill presenter and tip trays.  There are a number of different products available in different finishes and some have special features such as non-slip.  Within the pages of the Alliance website you will find everything you need to suit your establishment.  Here’s some further information to help you when making your choice.

Serving Trays

Available in a wide variety of high quality materials including fibreglass, wood veneer, plastic and chrome all of these serving trays are manufactured to withstand plenty of use and to last for many years.  There are also a number of shapes to select from, oval and rectangular being the most popular.  Rectangular shapes are very popular because they are easily stored and can take more items than rounded trays but rounded trays are an excellent choice for servers to hold with one hand and are easier to manoeuvre.  Oval trays are similar in size to rectangular and are arguably more attractive than rectangular. 

Which Material?

Obviously different materials create a different mood.  Chrome or metal trimmed trays are excellent choices because they are elegant and refined as well as being easy to clean. Melamine is a practical choice and there are colour options too.  Wood veneer is strong and long lasting, gives a more traditional look and work well, it’s especially versatile because the coating protects these trays from spill stains and food marks.  They also just need a quick wipe down to clean, so they are durable and easy to maintain.  While they are slightly more expensive, they are designed to last. Finally, all of these materials are designed to bear plenty of weight.

As well as the base material of your tray think about non-slip options because these are an excellent choice to prevent glassware slipping over. 


According to your requirements, there are different sizes available, the smallest being round and the largest being rectangular.  It’s probably wise to have a selection of different sizes so your server can cope with large and small orders.


There are a number of colour options available, choose from cool white fibreglass, smart silver grey, sleek black, smart brown wood and some colourful options too such as blue, bright red or orange.

Caring for Your Serving Tray

All of the materials available on the Alliance website are easily wipe-clean.  Never immerse wood veneer in water for a long period because it can affect the material.  Always wipe up spills and stains from wood veneer quickly to prevent ring marks.  Blot stains rather than rubbing them.

Round Tip Tray 14.0cm dia Stainless Steel
Wooden Menu Clipboard Bill Presenter

Tip Trays

Rather than letting your customers leave loose change and notes on their table present them with a useful tip tray to keep everything neatly together.  The tip trays available are also a discreet and stylish way of reminding customers to leave a tip.  Available in stainless steel or melamine there are plenty of types to choose from.   Stainless steel is resistant to staining and marking (although must be cleaned of finger-marks etc.) whereas melamine is easily wipe-able.

Bill Presenters

Deliver the bill in style with a variety of bill presenters ranging from stainless steel to wood and smartly designed leather-look varieties in a selection of colours which can be printed with your establishment’s name.

For further information on serving trays and tip trays visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team.

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