Pub/Bar Smoking Equipment Buying Guide


While smoking is banned inside, pubs and bars are still popular places for people who want to smoke. So it’s important to have the correct signage and products in place to ensure customers know where designated outdoor smoking areas are and have ashtrays to use to prevent used cigarette and cigar ends being thrown onto the ground.  At Alliance there are a variety of signs and ashtrays/bins in a number of different sizes available for use at your establishment.


Ashtrays come in a variety of different materials such as glass, melamine and stainless steel.  All of these are easy to clean and suitable for outdoor use.  Melamine and stainless steel will not break if dropped whereas glass is a little more fragile. All are easy to stack and you can choose from black, transparent and shiny chrome giving you plenty of choice!

Ash Bins

There are many different ash bin options from ground ash bins to wall-mounted.  For larger areas such as beer gardens, ground ashtrays are useful dotted in different areas but if you have a small area then a suitable wall-mounted ash bin or a floor ashtray box is perfectly adequate. 

  • Ground Ash Tray Bins choose from a variety of attractive shapes in sleek black or stainless steel with a large mouth and ashtray top suitable for litter use too
  • Wall Mounted Ash Tray Bins choose from different shapes and sizes in brushed stainless steel or black coated stainless steel. There are also narrow options if space is limited
  • Floor Ash Tray Bins Choose from silver coated with stainless steel flaps or a bold red lidded box – bound to be noticed!
Floor Standing Ash/Litter Bin Black 30ltr
It Is Against the Law Sign 30.0 x 20.0cm

Smoking Signs

Make it clear where customers can and cannot smoke inside and outside your pub or bar with good quality, attractive signage in a number of sizes, materials and colours.  Signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and there are plenty of different messages to choose from to ensure you get the right message across.  You will probably need signs for various different areas of your establishment such as:

  • Outdoors (stainless steel)
  • Indoors (stainless steel)
  • Tables (tent signs)
  • Toilets (stickers)


Depending on the type of smoking sign you want, Alliance has a variety of materials from stainless steel to melamine and laminated stickers ideal for window/mirror use.

For further information on smoking visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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