Glass Storage, Caddies and Skips Buying Guide

Bottle Skips

Keeping everything tidy behind the bar can be difficult because it is a busy area, servers and bartenders are constantly on the go and the turnover of glasses is high.  That’s why it’s important to have a variety of glass storage, caddies and skips at your disposal to keep everything in one place. Also used for collecting glasses, these are those essentials that bars and pubs should never be without – they halve the time of collecting glasses single handed! At Alliance, you will find a number of these products within the pages from highly reputable manufacturers in premium materials designed to last.  For more information read on to learn about the different types available.

Glass Storage

Keep glasses safely stored away in useful storage boxes designed for different quantities of glasses from 15 to 49.  The storage boxes available come in stackable designs, some with lids for extra protection.  The storage boxes have individual spaces for each glass to be secured, limiting the chance of breakage.  Additionally, they are easy to port because they can be grasped at the side comfortably.  Made out of strong poly propylene which is water resistant these are durable, practical solutions for storing purposes.  You will need strength and practicality for this type of storage.

Storage Box for 35 glasses
Multi-Purpose Glass Carrier Grey

Bar Caddies and Bottle Skips

A bar caddy or glass caddy carrier is ideal for porting your empty glasses from table back to bar safely. Choose from different products, those with individual spaces designed to take up to ten pint glasses at a time, multi-purpose carriers for different sizes of glassware and various bottle skips – these are excellent, hardwearing, durable time-saving products.  Look for products with wheels or handles so they are guaranteed easy to move round the bar area and comfortable to grip.  The bottle skips come on wheels and are designed for large volume empty bottles.  The Alliance website also has spare castors for skips available to order and it is a good idea to keep a few of these available.

For further information on serving glass storage, bar caddies and bottle skips visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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