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Signage Buying Guide

Chefs Jackets

Signage is important for your pub, restaurant or bar and gives customers and your staff clear information they need to know.  Whether it’s for table numbers, menus, where the restrooms are or for catering and food hygiene purposes every establishment needs a good variety of signage in place.  At Alliance you will find everything you need for your establishment in different materials, shapes and sizes so there is bound to be the perfect fit, at competitive prices too.

Catering Safety Sign Packs

For good food hygiene it helps to remind kitchen and bar staff certain rules!  Purchase catering safety signs to avoid accidents and unhygienic practice. There are various safety sign packs available to include general packs, food preparation, food storage sign packs. Additionally, if you have chemical products it is wise to use chemical storage and safety signs too. You should have clear instructions which are highly visible relating to the following which are designed especially to keep everyone aware of safety and hygiene:

  • Washing Hands
  • Chopping Boards & Knives
  • Sink for food wash/utensil wash/hand washing
  • Defrosted food not refrozen
  • Guidance Good Safety Act
  • No Smoking
  • Dangerous machinery
  • First Aid Symbol
  • Cook Chill Guidelines
  • Raw Meat Only
  • All Food Must Be Covered
  • Waste in Bins Provided
  • Fish Only
  • Leave Basin Clean
Mileta Now Wash Your Hands Symbol Sign
Mileta Door Must Be Kept Closed Sign

Chemical Storage and Safety Signs

If you have a number of chemicals stored on your premises, purchase a chemical storage and safety signs pack to keep your employees safe, messages include:

  • COSHH Reg Notice
  • Safety First
  • Wear Gloves
  • Wash Hands After
  • Wear Eye Protection
  • First Aid Box Situated
  • Keep Locked Shut
  • No Smoking Symbol
  • Flammable Symbol
  • Warning Chemicals
  • Wet Floor Hanger
  • Cleaning in Progress

Catering & Food Hygiene

For various kitchen equipment in pubs, bars and restaurants it’s important to have strict food hygiene rules and regulations in place.  To make it easier for you, purchase catering and food hygiene stickers so that everyone working at your establishment understands the processes.  Hygiene signs include fridge/freezer information, different food group information, food preparation area information, hand washing warnings, caution labels, drinking and non-drinking water information, hygiene information, catering and hygiene notices dangerous machine signs, microwave oven safety information, and more .

Health & Safety Signs

Remind your employees and customers of important health and safety rules to abide by with useful signs. It’s all too easy for things to slip minds especially when you are very busy, having signs in visible places serves as constant reminders and prevents dangerous situations.  Easy to hang, signs include information to switch lights off, close windows and doors, turn taps off, save electricity and avoid hazardous chemicals.  There are also a number of CCTV signs for outdoor and indoor use.  Additionally, at Alliance there are a number of informative First Aid guide and Health & Safety guide posters available to purchase for your workplace to include kitchen hygiene, personal hygiene and food preparation & storage.  You will also need Exit signs, Fire Exit signs, Fire Door Signs and Smoking signs all available within the web pages.

Mileta Licensing Act 2003 Sign  Gold/Black
Mileta Push Pad To Open Sign

Bar & Restaurant Signs

In your bar, pub or restaurant make sure you have plenty of visible signage so your customers are clear on the rules and regulations!   Choose from a variety of different materials to get your message across.  Signs are available in a choice of sizes and they are rigid with easy adhesive pads so they can be fixed to a wall in moments.  There are a number of different rigid signs available including:

  • Under Age Drinking
  • Drugs Warning Notices
  • Leave Premises Quietly Sign
  • Car Park Disclaimer
  • Weights & Measures Act
  • Wine by the Glass
  • Disclaimer
  • Children Are Not Allowed Or Served At The Bar
  • CCTV
  • Management/Admission
  • Toilets/Disabled/Baby Change
  • Private
  • Staff Only
  • Push/Pull
  • Mind Your Head/The Step

There are plenty of options to choose from, including different colours and shapes from brown with gold text to brushed silver with black text.

Other signs available include Do Not Disturb and Make-Up Room signs, perfect if you have hotel facilities, and arrow signs to direct customers with ease.

For further information on signage visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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