Ice Crushers, Juicers and Bar Blenders Buying Guide

Bar Blenders

When choosing your bar or pub equipment select high quality ice crushers, juicers and bar blenders so they are long lasting and deliver great results every time you use them.  Alliance has a wide variety of different products and brands available to suit your needs all at competitive prices.  In this section please find information on each product and what it is used for.

Bar Blenders

These are essential for cocktail making and frozen drinks, e.g. Margaritas, Daiquiris, Pina Colada etc.  It’s important to purchase a blender that is designed for bar use because you want it to last.  A home blender will not have the right capacity and is not built for continuous daily use!  It’s vital to take into account blender jar capacity, power output and material. 

  • Size You should always choose the right size! This means working out how many ounces are in the blender jar so think about what you’re blending.  If you specialise in cocktails then you will need something fast, effective and with a bigger jar to cope with large orders
  • Material Choose from glass, plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most practical but glass or plastic are both great for showcasing the making of cocktails!
  • Base The blender base is important as this is where the power is, it should also be aesthetically pleasing too. Select from chrome, stainless steel or plastic.  Bear in mind that chrome will get marked so needs to be kept pristine to look good.  Brushed stainless steel is a wise choice as it won’t show finger-marks.  Plastic is not as professional looking but a bright, colourful plastic base can look very attractive and eye-catching
  • Power Get the right power for your bar or pub. Bar blenders usually have 750 to 1500 watts which gives plenty of strength to chop ice cubes and mix drinks perfectly.  If you serve thicker drinks or need to use your blender for combining solid ingredients choose 1500 watts or more.
  • Speed Generally for bar and pub use you will need a high speed, low speed and pulse action switch


Juicers remove the juice from whole pieces of fruit without peeling or chopping beforehand.  The juice is mostly collected in a jug and any leftovers are separated into another container.  If you’re planning on offering freshly squeezed juice for your customers then you need a good quality, high performance juicing machine that is built to last and able to handle any fruit.  For bar and pub use it’s essential to look for the following elements when making that all-important decision:

  • Think about the items you will be juicing
  • Think about your budget
  • Look for an easy to use product
  • Look for an easy to clean product
  • Think about your capacity needs
  • Think about power, you need a high-powered juicer of approximately 700+ watts
  • Listen to the motor if you can, a quieter motor is better in a busy bar or pub
  • Make sure you have replacement blades
  • Check out how safe the juicer is to use
  • Look at what it is made out of as some materials are easier to keep clean than others

The best material is chrome and stainless steel as they are extremely hardwearing.  Brushed chrome won’t show up finger-marks as much as shiny stainless steel. Some juicers come with different sized reamers so you can create smoothies as well as freshly squeezed juice.  It’s also a good idea to look for a juicer which can accommodate a variety of container sizes too, making it much easier for you when making large or small quantities of drinks.  There are also juicers available with non-drip spouts and these are great as they mean less spillage and drops to clean up after use.

Sirman Apollo Citrus Juicer Stainless Steel and Chrome
Sirman Triton Electronic Ice Crusher

Ice Crushers

An ice crusher is essential when serving cool drinks especially those made with crushed ice or using crushed ice as garnish. Often ice crushers are used for presenting drinks beautifully and if you specialise in cocktail making then an ice crusher is an everyday essential! You need something quick, strong and effective.  Your machine should prepare crushed ice in seconds and be able to crush a large amount which is important if you are making a number of crushed ice drinks.  Look for something powerful and strong, made out of sturdy stainless steel  and which can take up to at least 2 to 3kg of ice at a time.  Additionally look for safety features on the feeding mouth and collecting tray.   If you don’t need a large product, there are plenty of small ice crushers available and these take up little room and are ideal placed on the countertop or in the back bar area.

For further information on ice crushers, juicers and blenders visit the Pub and Bar Equipment pages or contact the Alliance customer care team.

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