Pizza Pans and Equipment Buying Guide

Pizza Pans and Equipment

Most restaurants offer pizza and if you’re an Italian eatery then it is of paramount importance that you have the very best equipment to make sure you deliver the perfect looking and tasting pizza!  Within the Alliance pages you will find a number of different essential items for your kitchen. You will need:

  • Pizza Cutters (for slicing the pizza before serving or for the customer’s own use).
  • Pizza/Pie servers (to easily serve slices).
  • Pizza screens (used for cooking the pizza on).
  • Pizza pans (used for baking a pizza in the oven).
  • Pizza trays (used for baking pizza in the oven).
  • Charcoal (ideal for stone ovens or for BBQ’s).
  • Pizza boxes (ideal for home delivery).

While some restaurants cook their pizzas in an open stone oven, there are other methods to produce a great tasting pizza.  The Alliance website has various electric pizza ovens available which are extremely quick and convenient.  Simply plug in, switch on and go!  Choose from single deck ovens or double deck ovens depending on your requirements.

For further information on pizza pans and equipment visit the Cookware pages or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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