Pastry Brushes, Knives and Cutters Buying Guide

Pastry Brushes, Knives and Cutters

Making pastry needs all manner of equipment including boards, brushes, dough cutters, pastry cutters and specialist pastry knives. 

Pastry Brushes

Pastry brushes are simple pieces used to apply oils, glazes and sauces to dishes at any stage during cooking including before, during and after.  Sometimes, pastry brushes are referred to as basting brushes too and they can be used on any food including meat, fish and sweet/savoury pies/quiches/cakes etc.  Pastry brushes can also be used for greasing pans, melting butter or removing excess ingredients where mistakes are made! They come in many different sizes and shapes too, round brushes are excellent for intricate detail and small pastries.  Larger, wide and flat brushes are excellent for spreading over a large area.  The bristles make a difference too, pastry brushes come in nylon, boar or silicone.  Nylon and silicone are synthetic so have a medium texture whereas animal hair is softer and good for delicate jobs but synthetic brushes are easier to keep clean. Always hand-wash your brushes after use or soak them in warm water before treating with sanitizer ready for the next use.

Pastry Cutters

Every kitchen should have a good collection of different shape and size pastry cutters as these are useful tools for creating and customising baking.  The most popular material for pastry cutters is stainless steel as it does not rust or tarnish and is notoriously long-lasting and practical.  Perfect for biscuit making there are a number of shapes from hearts to flowers, crescents to stars and more. 

Pastry Knives and Dough Scrapers

Pastry knives are especially designed for pastry work; these knives have broad blades which are similar in shape to a spatula or palette knives, excellent for spreading.  Dough scrapers are used by bakers to move dough around and to smooth and clean surfaces where dough has been worked on.

Cake Servers and Chopping Boards

Keep a good collection of cake servers handy for desserts, dessert trolleys and buffet use.  Additionally, chopping boards are a kitchen staple and there should be plenty available as these are used very regularly.


Sieves have a fine, perforated surface which is used to separate small pieces from large lumps.  They are also used to strain vegetables or other items cooked in liquid.  Most are made out of stainless steel although there are other materials including plastic.  Sieves with larger perforated surfaces are referred to as colanders.

Rolling Pins

Rolling out pastry needs specialist equipment and the most important items will be good quality rolling pins. Rolling pins are not just used for pastry; they are also used for pies, rolls, cookies and pizza. Choose from a variety of material from traditional wood to plastic and polyethylene.  Additionally, make sure they are long enough to cope with large amounts of pastry when cooking a number of pastries.  Look for lightweight rolling pins, heavy enough to roll out thick doughs where needed but comfortable enough to change direction. 

For further information on pastry accesories visit the pastry and baking equipment in the Wholesale Kitchen Supplies section or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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