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Guest Toiletries Buying Guide

Guest Toiletries

It is amazing what difference strong brand names make to your guests’ experience at your hotel or leisure club.   When you use good quality brands, guests feel delighted and acknowledge that you care about their stay. Trusted brands or spa brands are very much appreciated by guests and make them feel looked after by your business.  It’s important that guests enjoy their stay and hotel toiletries are those little essentials which make a difference to how you are perceived.  Using a luxury or well-known brand will enhance your own brand name and offering a good selection of toiletries gives guests plenty of choice in what they use.  The Alliance range is carefully selected and many of the products include spa products containing organic and natural ingredients.  There are also environmentally friendly products available which sends a positive message to your guests.

Think about what you want to offer your guests.  As well as pretty, pleasant scented toiletries there are plenty of additional accessories designed to make your guests’ stay easier and pleasurable.

Accessory Kits

Make your guests’ stay so much more convenient and easy with a selection of accessories designed for those who may have forgotten important essentials!

  • Dental Kits keep a stock of these available especially as guests are always forgetting toothpaste and toothbrushes, they will thank you for rescuing them!
  • Shaving Kits guests often forget their shaving equipment so disposable kits are useful and convenient.
  • Shower Caps a hotel bathroom staple, boxed shower caps are disposable and hygienic.
  • Vanity Kits usually containing cotton wool, cotton buds, nail file etc. Vanity kits are those little extras which make a guest’s stay more pleasurable.
  • Sewing Kit these convenient little packs are ideal for guests who need to quickly mend a tear or sew on a button.


The presentation and selection of toiletries offered in a hotel bathroom and restrooms makes all the difference to your guests’ stay.  Pleasant fragrances, attractive bottles and packaging and a range of different types of toiletries will be appreciated by every guest.  Recognisable, reputable brand names make guests feel that your business caters to their needs well and can also make the difference to whether they want to stay with you again.  Additionally, these toiletries are ideal for leisure clubs, for day guests and for changing rooms as well as for guests who have forgotten to bring their toiletry essentials.

Choose from the following:

  • Shower Gel from different brands including Elements, Lux, Dove, Floral Garden, Fusion and Bronnley.
  • Liquid Soap increasingly more popular today and excellent for use in hotel restrooms and leisure clubs, choose from attractive soap pumps with brand names such as Elements, Baylis & Harding, Aqueous and Pure Herbs.
  • Shampoo an important staple in any hotel bathroom; choose from brand names such as Elements, Aqueous, Dove, Floral garden and Fusion. Some of these products are suitable for hair and body so double up to be used as a shower gel.
  • Conditioner pair shampoo up with a mini-conditioner so your guests enjoy soft and silky hair, choose from brands such as Fusion and Bronnley.
  • Body Lotion often seen as a luxurious product, choose from brand names including Elements, Aqueous, Floral Garden, Fusion and Bronnley.
  • Soap Bar for those establishments who prefer to use boxed soap, there are various attractively packaged products from brand names such as Dove, floral Garden, Elements, Aqueous, Lux, Fusion and Bronnley.
  • Hand Lotion perfect for hotel restrooms and leisure clubs and adds some extra luxury, choose from attractive pump bottles with brand names including Elements, Aqueous, Baylis and Harding and Pure Herbs.
  • Dispensers pump products and shower gels can be positioned on the wall in a shower or placed on top of a vanity unit.

For further information on Guest Toiletries visit the Hotel and Leisure pages or contact the Alliance customer care team

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