Hotel Bathroom Supplies Buying Guide

Hotel Bathroom Supplies

The bathroom should always be well equipped with everything your guests need to enjoy their stay.  It should also contain items that are hygiene friendly too.  Your guests will want a clean, comfortable area to conduct their toilette and supplying everyday essentials as well as complimentary toiletries will make all the difference to their stay and how your hotel is perceived.  There are plenty of quality hotel bathroom supplies on the Alliance website to choose from:

  • Bath Mats whether disposable or rubber, give your guests something suitable for bath use to prevent the danger of slipping. Choose from hygienic disposable options or sturdy rubber bath mats which have suction feet underneath for added safety.
  • Wrapped Tumblers disposable wrapped tumblers are the hygienic way of supplying bathroom glasses for your guests to store their toothbrush or use with mouthwash. Constructed out of crack-resistant polypropylene, they are fully recyclable too so kind to the environment.
  • Toothpicks convenient small items left for your guests’ comfort are always welcome and individually wrapped toothpicks can be left in guests’ bedrooms or for restaurant use, after meals.
  • Dental Kits guests are always forgetting those travel essentials so take away the stress of misplaced toothbrushes and toothpaste by keeping a stock of dental kits available.
  • Shower Curtains it’s a good idea to replace shower curtains regularly as they do become grimy with continued use. They are inexpensive and easy to replace so keep a stock available so you have them ready for when you need to change them.
  • Soap Dishes hotel bathrooms need somewhere handy to store soap bars and to avoid theft. Sometimes it’s a good idea to install wall mounted soap dishes for your and your guests’ convenience.
  • Sani Dispensers for complete hygiene keep good stocks of sani bag dispensers available in white plastic or chrome coated options.
  • Pedal Bins every bathroom should be equipped with a pedal bin which keeps unwanted bathroom rubbish out of sight and hygienically stored until it is emptied. Choose from shiny polished chrome or white coated chrome, the bathroom bins on the Alliance website can hold up to 3 litres of waste.
  • Facial Tissue Holder give your guests every toiletry essential they need and keep stocks of facial tissue holders in white or chrome. There are also different sizes to choose from; rectangular or cube shapes. Additionally make sure you have ample stocks of the relevant sized tissue boxes for replenishment.
    • Trays it is attractive to display all the essential bathroom toiletries together so why not add a handsome tray to your bathrooms where you can display everything r in one neat and tidy area. Choose from an oval or a rectangular shape.

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