Film, Foil and Food Wrap Buying Guide

Film, Foil and Food Wrap

The everyday essentials in a food business include cling film and foil.  These items are used in so many different varieties of food preparation, from cooking food to protecting food.  For restaurants and catering facilities industrial sizes are more appropriate than household products.  Believe it or not, there are many different types of foil and cling film, including different sizes and strengths.  For complete convenience, the Alliance products come with convenient cutter boxes with different widths as well as film and foil dispensers which are useful in kitchens and takeaway establishments.

Foil is often referred to as standard or heavy duty which refers to the thickness.  The heavier the gauge the thicker and stronger the foil is.

Standard Duty Aluminium Foil

This is the most common choice for restaurant kitchens and is used for many different food applications.  Look for non-stick aluminium foil which is perfect for wrapping meat, cheese, sandwiches, baking potatoes, covering baking trays and pans etc.  You are able to select from different sizing options according to your requirements.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

This is thicker than standard duty aluminium foil and is designed to be extra durable, withstanding plenty of wear and tear.  It is resistant to punctures and tears and perfect for pans, lining ovens, baking, roasting and boiling.  Choose from various different sizes according to your requirements.

Food Wrap

Some food wrap comes in pre-cut sizes which makes wrapping food even more convenient, reducing the need to unroll and work out how much foil you need.  These food wrap sheets are suitable for lots of different products, from sandwiches to potatoes, hot dogs to burgers etc.  Food wrap is great for a takeaway restaurant, fast food restaurant or for a sandwich bar or café serving food to go. 

Paper Wrap

Using good quality paper in food preparation is essential to preserve freshness and for hygienic food handling.  It’s important to know what you need for the right application, for example, there is paper for meat, freezing, baking and sandwiches as well as baking parchment for when baking cakes, muffins, savouries etc. 

  • Butcher Paper For burgers, it’s best to use butcher paper which is strong and coarse ideal for wrapping up fish or meat and commonly used at fishmongers and butchers. There are different size rolls and most of this paper is specially treated to prevent leakage and food soaking through. 
  • Freezer Paper For freezing, there is special paper coated with a low density polyethylene laminate on one side. This keeps the paper nice and sturdy and prevents leakage.  Freezer paper is used for wrapping and storing poultry, cheese, fish, meat but it is also excellent for sandwiches and other sandwich type product (baguette, wraps etc.) You can use freezer paper for wrapping up pasta as well.
  • Sandwich Wrap Grease resistant sandwich wrap paper is different because it is lighter and many sandwich wrap papers are pre-printed which makes the sandwich even more visually attractive to your customer. Sandwich wrap is perfect for pastries, buns, burgers, hot dogs etc. and is also traditionally used to line serving baskets for bread and chips. 
  • Baking Parchment Baking paper is essential for bakers and for restaurants which offer baked goods because it prevents sticking during the cooking process. It is coated with silicone so you don’t need to grease your pan or tin.  It is recyclable too so very kind to the environment and there are various different sizes available according to your requirements.

Cling Film

Strong, stretchy and practical, cling film is ideal for wrapping and preserving the freshness of food.  It generally comes on a roll and many rolls come with a useful cutting edge for ease and convenience.  Cling film is suitable for freezing, refrigeration and microwave but cannot be used in an oven.  Choose from various different sizes according to your requirements.

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