Floor Pads Buying Guide

Floor Pads

When cleaning and polishing floors, as well as using the right cleaning products it’s vital you have the right pads too, this ensures the job is done perfectly and helps to complete the task efficiently and easily.  Choose various pads including stripping pads, scrubbing pads, buffing pads and polishing pads (which come in different sizes).

All the Alliance floor pads are high quality and durable for premium performance so making the task much more comfortable to complete.  Selecting the right floor pads is easy with our short guide below:

  • Buffing Pads are used to remove scuff marks and light dirt from floors, they remove the dirt and restore a light gloss.
  • Scrubbing Pads remove the top layer of wax with the dirt and scratches.
  • Stripping pads strip back the floor removing up to 6 coats of wax finish.
  • Polishing Pads polish up the floor encouraging a good looking sheen.

For further information on Floor Pads visit the Cleaning pages or contact the Alliance customer care team

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